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Welcome To EnergyOz

We are an independent power producer (IPP).  EnergyOz Pty Ltd has embarked on the development of a gas-fired power station in the Kalgoorlie region.   We are currently in negotiations and planning our implementation of this exciting project.  

Our Project

EnergyOz is planning to develop a 60MW power station as Phase 1 of the project and, depending on the demand, phase 2 of the project will be implemented to upgrade the power station capacity to 120MW.

Phase 1 of the project is expected to be in commercial operation by mid-2022.  To this effect, the power station bid evaluation process has been completed and a Letter of Intent has been issued to the successful bidder, a well-established gas power generation company.  Discussions with the potential gas suppliers and the gas transmission companies are at an advanced stage.

Latest News Lot 350After 12 months we have finalised the landWe signed the Access Licencewith Development WAOn June 24 EnergyOz drilled their first Geotechnical hole on our site on Lot 350. This is a momentous occasion for EnergyOz. The drilling begins…Once the Geotechnical report is back we can then finalise our footings and foundations with our Engineers. We then progress to Council Planning and then onto construction.Over the next few months things will get busy for us with the Lease documents to be finalised in the next 6-8 weeks. Power is expected to be produced by December 2022. Previous Next