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ECG Engineering Pty Ltd (ECG) has been engaged by EnergyOz Pty Ltd (EnergyOz) to complete a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) for a gas fired power station in Kalgoorlie Boulder region.

EnergyOz is a Kalgoorlie based company involved in power generation and power sales for the mining houses in the Kalgoorlie region.

EnergyOZ is currently working on the required permitting and applications with various authorities and government agencies.
The initial installed capacity of the power station is approximately 60MW with an expected base load of approximately 40MW. The installed capacity can be expanded easily by adding extra units as and when required.

Phase 1 of the project is expected to be in commercial operation by mid-2022.  




EnergyOz Pty Ltd  is an independent power producer (IPP).

EnergyOz is planning to develop a 60MW power station as Phase 1 of the project and, depending on the demand, phase 2 of the project will be implemented to upgrade the power station capacity to 120MW.

To this effect, the power station bid evaluation process has been completed and a Letter of Intent has been issued to the successful bidder, a well-established gas power generation company. Discussions with the potential gas suppliers, the gas transmission companies and the utility Western Power are at an advanced stage.

EnergyOz has made good progress to date.  

  • The permitting and approval process is at an advanced stage.  Negotiations are ongoing with various authorities.
  • Discussions with the utility Western Power and AEMO, Australian Energy Market Operator, for export and sale of power are ongoing.
  • Confidential Agreements are signed with the gas transmission company APA and some potential gas suppliers.
  • First of the MOU’s signed for Power Supply and ongoing negotiations with other potential customers.


After further discussions and negotiations about the power plant location we have a proposed lot at Karlkurla with a portion of Lot 350.  See below.  

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Lot 350


The power station will have 5 gas-powered units, each capable of generating 12MW at 11kV for phase one of the project.   

A dedicated switchyard will be established to export power to the consumers.

It will have 2 power lines connected to the Western Power switching station to export power, one at 132kV and the second line at 33kV.

Some selected customers depending on the power demand and the site location, can be fed via dedicated power line.

Other customers will be fed via the Western Power network through AEMO.

The gas power plant will use natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available, most economically. This is possible thanks to the high efficiency of the selected gas engines, at any load, and unbeatable flexibility to start and stop exactly according to needs.

Besides the combination of efficiency and flexibility, this gas power plant will also offer low emissions and provide a great amount of power from a reduced footprint site making it the optimal solution for locations where minimizing the environmental impact is a priority

EnergyOz is now discussing and negotiating with potential customers to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to allocation for power required at a nominated tariff structure.

The MOU is an upfront consent by the potential customers to procure power without any commercial and legal bindings.


  • EnergyOz will deliver the power to each consumer’s metering point.
  • A reliable power supply, with a power availability of 99% or better at the power station.
  • Power delivered at a competitive price.
  • The customer pays for the actual energy consumed with no demand charges.

EnergyOz CEO, Pat Baldock, is willing to meet and discuss supply arrangements with potential customers with a view to an MOU being signed.

Pat Baldock commented “We have some potential customers that we are talking to and we are looking for a couple more.”

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